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Award from Archinova 2022
Лого Archinova

Innova Top Green among the winners of the ARCHINOVA Annual Architecture Awards 2022

The winner in the category “Elements for urban environment” is a BUS STOP WITH GREEN COVER by Eng. Orlin Iliev, designed by A and A Architects Ltd. and with the active participation of Innova Top Green, as well as other supporters in green architecture.

The project for a bus stop with a green roof aims to offer a modern design to one of the most banal elements of the urban environment. The aim is to create a typical model of a bus stop that can be massively applied in the urban environment, starting from Sofia.

The design of the bus stop shelter with a green roof is to be approved by the Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Sofia Municipality and the City Planning Department and to be implemented on a pilot basis at a busy public transport stop in Sofia. The project will be piloted on a public transport station in Sofia.

The jury ranked the green roof as the main advantage of the project because of the many benefits of green roofs, especially in urban environments: ‘capturing’ air pollutants and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen; retaining rainwater and preventing flooding, cooling and refreshing the environment; helping biodiversity and, not least, an aesthetic appeal that creates a good mood.

The ninth edition of the ARCHINOVA competition for 2022 was held under the title “Architecture for a Better Future“. The award ceremony was held at Inter Expo Center in Sofia on 12 October. For the first time, the competition included a strand for Urbanism, Urban Environment and Landscape Architecture.

When people talk about architecture for a better future, they invariably talk about green architecture. And when you talk about green architecture – the focus is on green roofs.