Лого Инова Топ Грийн

Economical flat green roof

Икономичен плосък зелен покрив
  • The lowest price for a green roofing solution.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements and installation costs.
  • The recommended system for flat green roofs from Inova Top Green.



Technical specifications
* Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 50 – 60% of the saturated weight.
** Depends on slope and system solution. Determine at 0° according to FLL guidelines.
System components


Vegetable carpet of sedums
Растителен килим от седуми

Pre-cultivated plant carpet with a combination of 6 -10 species of sedums - evergreen, drought and cold tolerant succulent plants.


Extensive substrate
Екстензивен субстрат

Substrate with high water storage capacity and good air porosity, tailored to the requirements of extensive green roof systems.


Protective layer protecting the drainage composite
Защитен слой, предпазващ дренажния композит

Prevents fine particles from forming sediment in the drainage layer; high permeability


Drainage water retention panel
Дренажен водозадържащ панел

Fast drainage of excess water
Prevents water accumulation for flat roofs and large drainage lengths
Lightweight construction with large drainage capacity


Protective layer protecting the roof waterproofing
Защитен слой, предпазващ покривната хидроизолация

Protects the roof membrane from damage and stores water


Inspection chamber for funnels
Инспекционна камера за воронки | inspection chamber

Easy control of roof drainage openings
Different sizes
Side and top drainage holes

Икономичен плосък зелен покрив | Economical flat green roof