Лого Инова Топ Грийн
Vegetable carpet of sedums
SeduMixmat ITG01
Растителен килим от седуми

Pre-cultivated Sedumi carpets (turfs) are grown and acclimatized in the high fields of the Balkan Mountains for at least 9-12 months. The plant carpets also called “turfs” or “mats”, provide an immediate green cover on many different surfaces – roofs, terraces, gardens, parks, etc. They can be easily cut and shaped to achieve any shape. This makes their installation extremely easy. They are suitable for all extensive green roofing systems on the market. They can be applied to flat, single pitch, gable, multi-pitch, and domed green roofs on houses, public or industrial buildings. Due to their ease of installation, our pre-cultivated turfs can be used not only for green roofs but also for any outdoor surface requiring immediate landscaping. Sedum plant carpets require little maintenance and are a sensible (non-)water alternative to grass in many applications and on the ground. SeduMixmat ITG-01 is an all-purpose green carpet.
It is manufactured on biodegradable coconut geotextile, Inova Top Green® peat substrate mix with a combination of 6-10 species of sedums – evergreen, drought-tolerant, and cold tolerant succulent plants.
The growing technology of SeduMixmat ITG-01 is in accordance with the guidelines of FLL (Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e. V.), a generally recognized German guide for the design, installation, and maintenance of extensive green roofs.

Base layer: biodegradable coconut geotextile
Substrate layer: Inova Top Green® peat-soil substrate – a mixture of mineral and organic components of local origin
Vegetation. Kamchatsch; Sedum reflexum “Angelina”; Sedum reflexum “Blue Spruce”; Sedum rupestre; Sedum sexangulare; Sedum spurium “Album Superbum”; Sedum spurium “Rosea”; Sedum spurium “Red Carpet”; Dominant species (about 50-60%) Sedum album L. and Sedum hispanicum. Some mosses and grass species may occur.
Density of vegetation cover: 90 – 100% of the surface
Thickness: 2,5 – 5 cm
Main weight: 12 – 18 kg/m²
Water saturated weight: 18 – 22 kg/m²
Width / Length: 2 m / 1 m or according to customer requirements
Delivery: rolled, stacked on EUR-pallet and delivered by forwarder

Sedums and extensive green roofs are so related that people usually talk about sedum roofs instead of green or living roofs. The natural properties of Sedums, mainly their drought tolerance and ability to thrive in harsh environments, make these succulent plants ideal for green roof applications.

There are around 400 species of sedum. Naturally, some are more suited to a particular environment than others. The sedums we use for Inova Top Green's SeduMixmat ITG-01 Pre-Cultivated Carpets are carefully selected to provide dense coverage, be durable enough to last, and bring beauty with your home's green roof.

To create ever more beautiful future green roofs, we, the Inova Top Green team, continue to experiment with the colorful Sedum species. In our nurseries, we apply different combinations of Sedums to achieve a rich variety of Sedum plant carpets. Nature helps us. Perfection is in every one of its manifestations.

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