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Pregrown Sedum Mat

SeduMixmat ITG01
Растителен килим от седуми

The pre-cultivated Sedum Mats are ready-to-roll out as an instant vegetation layer designed for extensive green roofs. Grown for a minimum of 9-12 months, they are hardened at the high fields of the Central Balkan Mountain. Our standard pre-vegetated Sedum Mats (sometimes referred to in the industry as “blankets”, “carpets” or “turf”) provide instantly green installation on many different surfaces – roofs, terraces, gardens, parks, and more. They could be easily cut and shaped to fit any form. This makes their installation very easy. Our Sedum mats work with most green roof systems on the market. The pre-cultivated Sedum Mats are used for flat, single-pitched, double-pitched, multi-pitched, or domed green roofs of houses, public or industrial buildings. Due to their easy installation, our pre-cultivated mats can be used not only for green roofs but also for any open area that requires immediate greening. The Sedum blankets require little maintenance and are lower maintenance and water-wise alternative to grass in many applications on the ground as well. SeduMixmat ITG-01 is a green carpet for universal use.

The pre-cultivated Sedum Mats are produced on biodegradable coconut geotextile, Innova Top Green® substrate, and a plant mix of 6 -10 varieties of Sedums – evergreen, drought-resistant, and cold-resistant succulent plants.

SeduMixmat ITG-01 are produced in accordance with the FLL (Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e. V./ Landscape Research, Development and Construction Society) – generally recognized German guidelines for the design, installation, and maintenance of green roofs.

Technical specifications

Base Layer: 100% Coconut (Coir) biodegradable Geotextile;

Substrate layer: Innova Top Green® Substrate – a mixture of organic and mineral recycled components of local origin;

Vegetation: About 12 Sedum types in different combinations (6-10 varieties in a mat), among them:

Sedum acre; Sedum acre “Yellow Queen”; Sedum album L.; Sedum album “Coral Carpet”; Sedum album “Murale”; Sedum ellacombianum; Sedum ewersii; Sedum floriferum “Weihenstephan Gold”; Sedum hispanicum; Sedum hybridum “Evergreen”; Sedum Kamchatsch var. Kamchatsch; Sedum reflexum “Angelina”; Sedum reflexum “Blue Spruce”; Sedum rupestre; Sedum sexangulare; Sedum spurium “Album Superbum”; Sedum spurium “Rosea”; Sedum spurium “Red Carpet”; The majority (about 50-60%) consists of Sedum album L. and Sedum hispanicum. Additionally, some herbage and grass species;

Coverage: 90 – 100 %;

Thickness: 2,5 – 5 cm;

Basic weight: 12 – 18 kg/m²;

Saturated weight: 18 – 22 kg/m²;

Width/ Length:  2 m/ 1 m or up to the customer´s requirement;

Shipping: rolled-up, stacked on EUR-pallet and delivered by a forwarding agency.

Detailed description


Sedum and extensive green roofs are so connected that people usually talk about Sedum roofs instead of green or living roofs. The natural properties of Sedums, mainly their drought resistance and ability to grow in harsh environments, make these succulent plants ideal for use in green roofs.

There are about 400 types of Sedum. Of course, some are more suitable for a certain environment than others are. The Sedums we use for the Pre-cultivated Mats SeduMixmat ITG-01 are carefully selected to provide dense coverage, be hardy enough and bring beauty to the green roof of your home.

To create more and more beautiful future green roofs, we, the team of Inova Top Green, continue to experiment with the diversity of the Sedum species. In our nurseries, we apply different combinations of Sedums to achieve a rich variety of Sedum succulent plant carpets. Nature helps us. Perfection is in every manifestation of it.

To create ever more beautiful future green roofs, we, the Inova Top Green team, continue to experiment with the colorful Sedum species. In our nurseries, we apply different combinations of Sedums to achieve a rich variety of Sedum plant carpets. Nature helps us. Perfection is in every one of its manifestations.