Лого Инова Топ Грийн

Privacy Policy

I. Subject

Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as “General Terms and Conditions” , are intended to regulate the relationship between INOVA TOP GREEN Ltd, hereinafter referred to as “Provider” , owner of the website: https://innovatopgreen.com/ , hereinafter referred to as “Website”, and each of the users, hereinafter referred to as “User(s)”, of the Website, in connection with the User’s use of the Website.
Art. 2. Information concerning the Provider:
1. Name: INOVA TOP GREEN Ltd, BG204990772
2. Headquarters and registered office. LTD. “107, Hemus Street
3. Address for business activity. Oreshak Str. “107 Hemus Street
4. BULGARIA, s. Oreshak Str. “107 Hemus Str.
+359 888 506 108, e-mail: [email protected]
5. Entry in public registers: Commercial Register at the Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria.
6. Supervisory bodies:

(a) Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria, address. (a) The Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, p.k. 1592, Sofia Blvd. “1592, Prof. Tel: 02/ 915 35 18 Fax: 02/ 915 35 25, Email: [email protected], Website: www.cpdp.bg
(b) Commission for Consumer Protection, address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Square, et. Tel: 02/ 980 25 24, Fax: 02/ 988 42 18, Hotline: 0700 111 22, Website: www.kzp.bg
(c) Commission for Protection of Competition, address. 1000, Vitosha Blvd 18, Tel: 02/ 935 62 22, Fax: 02/ 980 73 15, Имейл[email protected], Website: www.cpc.bg
7. Registration under the Value Added Tax Act No. BG204990772

III. General Provisions
Art. 3. The website and the services offered through it operate under the rules described in the General Terms and Conditions.
Art. 4. The Provider does not guarantee the permanent functioning of the Website, nor that the Website is free of errors.
Art. 5. The Provider reserves the right to interrupt access to certain material (including but not limited to: pictures, texts, etc.) published on the Website or to the entire Website, without the User’s consent, for an unlimited period of time, scheduled or occasional, without being liable for any damages to the User that may result from the suspension.
Art. 6. The Provider reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the structure or content of the Website. Changes shall take effect immediately after their publication on the Website.
IV. Features of the Service
Art. 7. The main characteristics of the services provided to the Users by the Provider through the Website, hereinafter referred to as “Services”, are as follows:
(1) The Provider provides the possibility to view and share the content published on the Website. The Provider provides information about itself, its team, the services it provides, current offers, informative articles, contacts, the introduction of its customers and partners, etc.
(2) The provider provides the possibility to generate a telephone call via functional buttons on the website.
(3) The Supplier shall provide the possibility to generate electronic inquiries by email address (e-mail) via functional inquiry forms within the Website. The User shall fill in the fields specified by the Supplier and select the Send button. When using this service Users should bear in mind and by accepting these General Terms and Conditions consider themselves informed that the use of this service does not automatically lead to the conclusion of a contract between the respective User and the Provider, i.e. sending an email inquiry does not create an obligation for the Provider to provide a particular service and does not place the Provider and the User in a contractual (contractual) relationship. The respective User, who has sent an email request to the Provider, shall be deemed to have entered into a contract with the Provider for the performance of the given service only upon receipt of confirmation in this regard from the Provider.
The Provider does not guarantee its ability to respond and the time in which such a response will be provided.
(4) The Provider shall make it possible to generate electronic inquiries, through the email client used by the User, by means of functional references from the Website. For this purpose, it is necessary for the user to select a specific functional reference on the Website (a place where the Provider’s email address is displayed and can be “clicked”) and the device used by the User to open a new window for writing a message from the email client installed on the device.